Monday, January 20, 2014

Grudges Inside

I smiled, I laughed, I tried so hard
I sang, I danced  to the music of life
I rejoiced every moment I had
Yet still hunted by my past

I shared, I loved, I gave all I could
I forgave yet never forgotten how I fall
I faced reality even in despair
I shouted, I sobbed, I fought, I lost

Living everyday and hoping for tomorrow
Escaping from yesterday, fooling myself once more
The light turned low, shadows hugged me
Slowly grudges killed me with no mercy

Keeping myself numb wasn’t enough
acting to be strong, made me coward
Burying all in my  heart, made me weak
Sobbing every night, dealt with thousand deaths

How to get over if I can’t stay away
Grudges of yesterday caged me forever
It grows everyday in me, I clenched

Please, help me get out of here

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