Friday, March 30, 2012

Light vs Dark

In the midst of the battle of light and dark,
I had found peace from one great heart.
And still the battle continuous in me,
On which side I should be;
   In the light where there is harmony,
   In the dark where far from reality?
The peace that I had found get me out of the chaos,
It brings sunlight in the middle of dark, thick smoke.
Should I stay with him, the one who helped me?
   Or to be in the battle which I know I won't win?
At peace assurance isn't guaranteed,
In the darkness, confusion reigns,
Fear, tears, doubts is all I got.
At peace, I see beautiful tomorrow,
Yet I am frightened, I don't know.
Soon I will be awaken, and see the world,
   the reality and tomorrow will happen.