Friday, March 30, 2012

Light vs Dark

In the midst of the battle of light and dark,
I had found peace from one great heart.
And still the battle continuous in me,
On which side I should be;
   In the light where there is harmony,
   In the dark where far from reality?
The peace that I had found get me out of the chaos,
It brings sunlight in the middle of dark, thick smoke.
Should I stay with him, the one who helped me?
   Or to be in the battle which I know I won't win?
At peace assurance isn't guaranteed,
In the darkness, confusion reigns,
Fear, tears, doubts is all I got.
At peace, I see beautiful tomorrow,
Yet I am frightened, I don't know.
Soon I will be awaken, and see the world,
   the reality and tomorrow will happen.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

turning Twen-teen

(from left to right) kharly, abhie, gen, eve, & aya

Gen, ang fashonistang payat.

nung una kitang makita hindi ko mawari ang yong make up
naka contact lens, naka pout,
minsan natatanong ko, model ka ba ng ponerarya?

pero syempre joke lang yon.
dahil ang totoo ang ganda mo ay nasa likod
ng kada fooundation na nilalagay mo sa muka mo
noon kala ko hindi tayo magkakasundo,
pero iba na ang noon sangayon, Cool, dama mo?

ang lakas mo ng mang-asar,
dati isa ka lamang sa mga taga tawa,
taga parinig kay ryan ng miryenda,
imba ka na, kahit si leo tinaob muna

pero mahal ka nmn kahit ganyan ka,
kahit di namin maintindihan kung ano ka nga ba
sa dalawang taon na nakasama ka namin,
hindi matatawaran, hindi mapagpapalit.

thank you for being there, through ups and downs
you never leave the circle just for anyone,
you made our college life complete,
so never feel we do not appreciate every single thing

We are here for you,
for more years that you will deal with,
wherever you are, whenever you call,
our phones will ring without noticing it is you :P

kidding aside, we love you for who you are
stay simple, humble, and jolly
for your birthday, you deserve happiness
you deserve to love and be loved

bring out the best of you,
and live to the fullest.

happy 20th birthday!

-kharly :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Today is yesterday's Tomorrow

Yesterday love was filled; things were gone just you and him
Yesterday sweetness was blown; hugs and kisses had flew
Yesterday dreams came true; forever was vowed by him and you
Yesterday you were with him; holding each other tightly, hand-in-hand.

Today he is gone; He walked away from your life.
Today he lied; leaving all this broken promises messed your mind.
Today you cried; your tears left your heart dry,
Today you died; He killed you with yesterday's love.

Tomorrow is another day; You will reminisce his presence.
Tomorrow is another nightmare; All night you will cry in your bed.
Tomorrow is another hope; And you will carry on
Tomorrow you will forget him; Time will vanish his memories in you.

You were tired of yesterday, you are exhausted.
Your are living with the truth of today
He was gone, He lied, you're a fool
ans these are the things You must accept Tomorrow

Second Time in your Lies

Listen; hear me say the words i kept.
hear my heart cried as you walk away.
hear my voice screaming out your name,
hear me say the promises you break

Look; see how my life had messed.
Witness me suffering from tears
Noticed me staring at you blankly,
dreaming of our yesterday

Leave; walk away and left my heart dry.
So long, and soon get back.
Runaway with all my happiness with you,
Never get back what had lost.

Lie; feed me with those foolish hopes,
sing me all these pretentious music of our own.
whisper to me your love without sincerity,
make things worst as I wake

Love; say how much you dear me,
show how much you care.
Make me feel that you will never exist without me,
and soon kill my existence.

Lost; I couldn't see the light in darkness,
Nowhere to go, to seek for happiness
I am lost in the past, blinded by lies,
I coudnt find my way out in your life

Look and Listen, before you Leave this Lie that your Love had gave, for I am Lost

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Career 2012

Hello 2012...

I am now starting to write the first page of my year. This year will not be easy to me. So many challenges and errands to cope with, especially in school. Too many things to get busy about.

2011 was my year of Confusion. Why? There were many things that lead me to confusions Of these and that. Yet this confusion makers opened the gates of new knowledge to me. I learned so many things by figuring out my own problems, either in school or personal. Also, I knew people even better, either good or bad. And met new friends.

Thank you 2011, you help me know myself more. You help me be me; to be the person I never thought I will ever be. Thank you for giving me all this experiences for you past 365 days, 48 weeks, and 12 months. This experiences made me even stronger. Though I still have my stupidity in me, I still learned and try to outsmart those people who wanted to play with me and tried to destroy my personality. Most especially, THANK YOU for giving me the chance to feel the feeling of  "love" and "be loved" though it's only for a short time.

Thank you for confusions, I become extra careful :)

Career 2012

That's my theme for this year. Career before anything else. Have my heart with what I should do and not with someone else. :) No bitterness here. I just want to be extra serious with my studies, most especially I am taking up my Thesis. This isn't any other ordinary projects. I better be serious and hard working :)

I dunno what would happen with the rest of my 2012. However, the most important thing is I am doing mt very best to accomplish the things I should achieve :)