Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who are you?

Our love story is already written.

I haven't seen you with these eyes,
But you lie inside my heart.
I haven't heard you laugh,
But you always draw this smile.

 You haven't lay your hands on,
But I feel the warmth in my soul,
I'll gave all my time to be wasted,
Just for you to come. I'll wait.

Where are you? Where have you been?
Why destiny gives you by fate?
By chance, we have not met yet,
But by love, why are we together?

You are my tomorrow,
But I still live in the past..
Who are you that is given by God?
Will you be the one I'll live for last?

Who are you? Tell me you name.
Engrave it in the deepest part of me.
Take me with you, in our dreams,
Take me away from reality.

I don't know you, but my heart knows.
At the right time sun will kiss the moon.
And the earth will revolve just to see you,
But then, Who are you?