Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Words from 18

You give me name,
though I gave you pain.
You lend me love,
though all I did is crying.
You feed me, protect me,
though I am stubborn,
You give your best,
just to see me grow.

Now, I become who I am now,
because of you and everyone that surrounds
Personality changes,
Character turns new,
Not in a way you always wanted to.
I ask for some favor,
You give me doubts,
I ask for freedom,
I gain no trust.

What would be my life in your "No's "?
I want to fly, but I am tied.
Is it me you that you cared?
Or the name I have that you gave?
Is it my life that matters?
Or every dime that I might spend?

All I want is to explore,
Not inside this four corners of the floor.
All I want is some time for me,
And your trust and support, Please?

I know you're worried about tomorrow
You cared for coming years,
But those worrying cause you doubts,
Those doubts that sealed us.
We can't be the person that we wanted,
Because we always think of the expectations you set...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Let thy love be mine

Let thy love be mine
A sonnet

Let thy eyes lend to the man who kneeled,
Let thy ears hear all words he had spoken,
Let thy hands touch the heart need to be healed              ,
Only thy love fixes the hopes that had broken
Be with me my darling for I am true
I will hand you the mountains, hills, and all the flowers bloom
And the sun, stars, moon without argue.
 Bear with me, your future Groom
You will fit in the precious circle I will offer
You will wear the whitest cloth; shining and shimmering               
It will be the start our never-ending forever
But let thy love be given first, I’m begging
So our story will start, will continue, you and I,
And let thy love grow each day, no lie

Shall I be?

Shall I be?
A sonnet

Shall I be a wanderer of your love?
And walk the whole town just to have a glance,
I will seek for you up to heaven above,
And there I see another chance.              
To have you beside me is nothing but a dream
And every night I sleep it’s your face that I see,
 I wake up with morning dews that gleam,
Walking on the shore, enjoying the sea
Shall I be your prince and give you a kiss?
For you to know that I am the man you need.
Your knight in shining armor; I’ll give you ease.
Soon it will end; and I’ll see the reality that hid.
Shall I be with God and asked him to be with you?
When destiny falls, and reality will be new