Saturday, September 3, 2011

For Four and More :)


September 02, 2007

There was a guy who I never ever though would be closed to me. A guy that I was not going with or I never thought that I would call "best friend". We became best of friends for the reason I knew before, for the guy that I once liked, his classmate, and for the girl he admired, which was my classmate. We were only high school that time. Whenever we had problems with them, we always open to each other, and then, I could say that moments start our "Friendship".

September 02, 2011

Four years had passed now, and we are still strong. We are still holding on with each others hands. You are my treasure, as years passed by, you get even more expensive. But then you are priceless. You are one of the best gift that I received from Him. You are not perfect, but those imperfections created marks in my life. We've been together for a long time, and still counting for more. Even though you'll literally leave the country it doesn't mean that it will end our friendship, but another test for us that we should pass. Distance apart is not a hindrance for us to get closer, but a best reason to be stronger. I could not wish for more when it comes to you, I could not demand with time for I enjoy every moment with you.

Nathaniel "Epz" Inosanta
Nathaniel "Epz" O. Inosanta is his name, my dearest best friend who never turn his back on me. He is always there whenever I need someone, to make me feel happy, surprised, appreciated, and special. 
Epz, thank you! thank you for making me smile always. You never fail to do that. Those simple magics you present just to cast all this grudges in me. You just not witness the negatives in me, but you also see my positives. Thank you because you accepted me for who I am. You have this long patience for stubborn, moody, and childish best friend. Thank you for your understanding. You are the most open-minded. You tried to look all the angles of misunderstanding, and not exceeding in 24 hrs, we are OK again.

Sorry for all arguments we had for the pass 4 years, but I know we even know each other deeply because of all those little fights. Sorry for making you disappointed sometimes with the decisions I made, but still you continue to support me. You always guide me, helping me out to conclude a decision to make, you are always there whenever I need opinions and suggestions.

Kharly "Epz" Tebia
And for more years that we will be best of friends, I am still be your company in this roller coaster of life. I will still be your critic in all the things you asked. I'll be your joker, your shoulder, you diary. I can be anyone or anything, but you cannot push me to be. Because I will always be "Kharly" that you accepted. And for more years, I know I will change, and you too, but then, I hope and I know we could cope up with it. I know that those changes will be the reason of misunderstandings. And I know, you will always be "Nath" that I used to laugh with, to mall with, and to cry with. 

Thank you my dearest best friend. You are not just one of my friends in the circle, you are one of the family, my brother, who used to protect me, like my father who always advise and guide me, and like a boyfriend that makes me special. 

We might not celebrate our 4th year together, I know that we are grateful of this day!

Happy 4th anniversary Epz!

I Love You this BIG! :)