Monday, August 29, 2011

Awesome is Romantic: A poem


True love waits, I faithfully believe,
Love is always in place, the way I live,
And patiently waiting for this girl I admire,
The girl that I've never seen, even in a glance.

I've searched the world, just to look for a face,
The face that will draw her name in my heart,
the face that even in my dreams I've never sight.
And wishing upon the stars, to be with her at night.

I'll cross the ocean if I have to,
I'll move the mountains apart just to see you,
And I'll give my everything my love,
just to have the my precious one.

I've learned my lessons from the past,
to all the love I had and did not last,
and I turned out waiting for you my dear,
So please bear with the guy in jeans.

If I could only see you in fantasy,
I'll do the best magic, just wait for me.
And I'll leave the reality behind,
And be with my happiness above the clouds.

And at night you are with me,
You're warm body will make me sleep,
and in the morning the sun rise,
You're still with me and your warm love.

And together, we will walk on the shore,
Holding you tight in the scene I adore,
I love you this much, so never ever let go,
Even if I haven't met you at all.

Pinch me, I might be dreaming,
Of someone who isn't existing,
But I know someone is really meant for me,
And I will never get tired to wait

-Captain Awesome Jr. 

It is for you, my dear bestfriend. And for your love that is so pure and true, for your heart that is brave and strong. You never ever surrender just to find the girl that you could say "YOURS" :) And I will always be here for you, your dearest best friend, the most  supportive one, and you always count with. ^^, 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Good Night

Sleep and never be awaken,
Rest and never be bothered.
The world is to harsh for you to witness,
let be the  face of reality be your dreams.

Sleep and preserve your life,
let the moon and the stars protect you at night.
Let the clouds embrace you tight,
and give them a good night smile.

Sleep and forget the hurt,
rest your body from all madness.
Peace is never in silence,
but in forgiving and forgetting what has been damaged.

Sleep solemnly my dear,
and never afraid to face the morning.
Days may be dark for you,
but in night you will see the light, so soon.

Sleep and soon be awaken,
never be bothered of the upcoming days
the world is too harsh for you; be safe,
and let your dreams come true; its never too late