Monday, June 20, 2011

Here them say...

"Just leave without any words to keep, get lost without me knowing it. With that, it is easier to accept that you're gone than hearing your goodbye wherein I know I could do something for you to stay."

People are afraid to lose the things they have but they are not mindful of how will they give importance to it. They are afraid of being alone but couldn't interact well with their friends. We don't want to have what we hate but we are doing the opposite. We accept love and get blinded, but we do not accept the pain it'll bring. We do receive the things that we demanded or given, but we do not know how to give thanks. Once we feel pleasured, we do not mind whatever be the consequences. We know how to accept, but not all the things we should accept.

"Just leave without any words to keep, get lost without me knowing it.

He may leave without leaving his footsteps so she won't follow him. It's hard to see him walk away and could not stop him. Yesterday was perfect but today is broken and tomorrow will always be a dream. Where will she prefer to stay? He may go without telling anything something to hold on. It is very hard to let go, and so hard to move forward when she's still hoping. But how would she suppose to go through if she's the only one thinks of what would be better and the other left her behind. It hurts right? But what else can she do? Give another chance? Chance that will be wasted soon. Things don't work out so why trying to fix the broken glass? It may sound negative but try to look on the other side, deep down yourself. He left her for reason; not for her to feel pain and wasted, but for her to find someone better. She might fail at first but she wouldn't know if she'll stop trying.

---> If I could vanish you in my memory in a zap, I will. If could erase all those words you said, I'll do so things will be back in zero. So I will not think of you everyday. So I will remember you no more. If I could only turn back the time, I will be more careful. But then, I won't wish for that anymore, because if I will have the past in my hands, there will still be the same future. But then, thank you. You hit the goal, and I stroke thrice and get out of the field. I had enough, enough lessons from you. But in the end, I couldn't close my doors, since you left without any words of confirmation.
- Mind

Be forgiving and hopeful, but learn not to trust easily; You won't be numb as what you wished.

Pain will never heal if you continue to give so much attention to it. It won't cast by time if you never learn how to forgive. You might get tired of things but never with loving and forgiving. Forgive those who hurt you, forgive those who curse you, but then learn your lessons. Do not trust that fast if you are protecting your heart. Do not trust others if you are not brave enough to love again, but never ever close your doors of opportunity to meet people and the chance to know who will really stay. Time will challenge them all and in front of you, you will see who will be the last man standing. You do not have to witness all, you do not need to experience all sorrow to be wise. Most of the time, those who are intelligent have the most fragile heart. You could be stupid if you need to but you can't be numb as much as you wanted to. 

---> Close your eyes and let me feel what is really true. Make me happy with love and cry with scars. I do not have the best mind so never ever teach me to be in love and to forget, but I have the best heart to love and forgive. I get afraid to try again, but I am not numb as long as I beat. I do the  things that should be done and never been commanded  by anyone. Though questions flow in the mind, there will still be one heart to decide, decide of who will be the best one.

All I might witness isn't true, because sometimes lies are more visible than what I should know. I might see things in positive, everything in light, but I should also know that it would not last. Positives may turn to negatives, and light may be dark. Lies are everywhere, lies hide the truth. Big things sometimes turn out fake, and things that I do not notice are really the great ones. I can never know the worth just by seeing it, but by not seeing the world and feel. I set my standard but never set what to decide. 
- Eyes

All I might hear makes you happy but not all would last forever. Some fades and blow by the wind. Not all promises I heard came true. Promises are meant to be broken if it is said without meanness. It will fade if someone do not work it out. But then, I should know that I should not hold on with what I just heard, because not all comes out from the mouth are with sincerity. 
- Ears

All I might hold is mine but most are things you need to let go. I cannot grab what's in  front of me if it isn't mine. I can't just hold it tight. There is something that is really done for me. Someone  for me to hold on. He will fill the spaces between my fingers and locked it forever. So I should never be selfish and demand of all the things I wanted to have. I only have two hands to hold on, all that is too much should be let go. It isn't about how many things I have with me, but how much does it do in me.

And things will fall back in the right place that you always dreamed of, if you would only here them say...

If you would only look deeply in yourself...

*And night falls that I am left confuse, hurt, betray, fool, and alone and have it all for so many times. But still I know now what to do, and it will never be the same thing I did before. I am used to of what you always show me and make me feel. And so I should be used of what would be the next. Again, you never say goodbye... 

Monday, June 6, 2011

The prize of the Untold

Sa phone.

Milo: Mia! (super excited) I have some—Oh? Bakit ka umiiyak?

mia: Friend. I don’t get it. Why things fall this way? He’ll be gone for good with somebody else. :’((( (sniff sniff)

milo: Ano ka ba?! Hindi naman dapat iyakan yan. People come and go. Pero it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Maraming iba dyan.

mia: No milo!. It is' He's my world. (huhuhu)

milo: Stop it mia! Ang O.A na.

mia: No! I am not being o.a milo. I guess I have to leave for good. Just to accept things and move forward.

milo: You don’t have to go anywhere. You just need a company. Asan ka?

mia: No need milo. Ready na ang papers ko.

milo: Papers? Heck no! Asan ka? Pupunta ako!

mia: nasa Condo. ciao ciao!

milo: No! mia! (mia hanged up)

(operator: You are out of load plea----)

milo: Bakit ba ngayon pa ako nwalan ng lod. DARN!

Sa Condo.

milo: Mia! Mia! ansan ka?

(May na pansin siyang note sa table)

As you read this, I am on my way to airport. I’m leaving and I’m going to US now. At first I don’t have any plans to go because of you, but at the day you told me about the ring that you will give to the girl you admire, it really breaks my heart. I love you since the day we became close to each other. Hindi ko lang sinabi sayo kasi you keep on telling me about this girl you met na talagang gustong gusto mo. Until the day you said na nagiging ok na kayo. Sorry. But I won’t be back anymore. Good luck sa inyong dalawa. Wish you all the best :’).


Milo: Mia…(Crying) I have something to tell you… I love you since I saw you when we were in high school. Blessing nung naging close tayo. I might look to others but it always turns to you. This really meant for you. I told you about this because I wanted to know of what’s you’re point about the ring. Pero iba pala naging dating. Tonight. Mag coconfess na sana ako. And I wanted to be here surprisingly. But you were crying. Sorry. Soryy kung hindi ko agad sinabi. :’((((