Thursday, May 26, 2011

memoirs remember to forget

A house burnt on fire of anger and hatred,
A home crashed down by selfishness.
The man you loved had betrayal.
The woman you praised had lies.

A jaded heart that soon be ashed
A covered face by the mask of unhappy man.
All the hurt and pain inside
that keeps one teary wearing a smile.

A soul that is a believer
turned to have shattered hope and faith.
Left behind with broken promises,
Nothing in existence but vengeance.

A memoir that remembers to forget,
But couldn't without forgiveness.
Spoonful of acceptance should be eaten,
Before grudges munched you with your memoirs

the cycle

Night falls, sun rises, earth revolves, rain pours,
and the stars twinkle, so my eyes glow.
Flowers bloom, birds chirp, wind sways,
and the whole nature sing - a - long.

So beautiful, so good, so refreshing
how you see love moves the mountains.
Everyday it continues to grow,
You already know where things fall.

Yesterday is a history, today is a gift,
and tomorrow is a dream, to see the caterpillar flying.
You can't add more colors for the painting,
You can't wish more of what is not in the drawing.

Mountains must be high, trees must be green.
Love must be real, the love that you feel.
Roses are red, skies are blue,
You can't change what is real, of what you wanted it to be.

And the world must not be changed by forced
and you should go with the flow,
because you shouldn't expect what you want,
but be greatful to have what you don 't expect