Sunday, April 24, 2011

goal to hundredth

less than 2 months from now, my blog will celebrate its second anniversary...
and currently, i have 92 posts of blogs here...

and for its 2nd anniversary...I am looking forward for its 100th and 101st posts :)

works of different stories, poems, themes, messages and visions...

i hope for the following 8th, 9th 10th, or more blogs to post...
you're still with me and my blogs, reading...

thank you....


Friday, April 1, 2011

my summer..

how will you find my summer?
boring or not?
am i super studious or occupied?

why did i ask you those? simply because of my plans that i am hoping to accomplish just for two months.
semester is ending and my i am ready to open my windows to feel the breeze of summer..
and for the summer, i want to have the following:

  • Clean my room. Have my room a groom. it's been 5 months and more that i haven't swept all the corners of it and i feel so ashame knowing that it is a room of a 18 year - old girl :P. besides, it isn't timely having a Halloween in the middle of the summer. 

  • Enroll my summer classes. I don't want my summer to be a waste so it is really a good thing to enroll summer classes. i get bored in our house for sure so better have something to get busy about. another thing, i still have my allowance :) Also, i could encounter more people and include to my circle of friends or circle of acquaintances perhaps. 

    • Find a summer job. It is quite tough having my classes and having a job at the same time. but this is just a plan firs. i'm still searching for one and i hope i could have the consent of my parents. and i really wish for that. If i find one, i know and i believe i could manage it *crossing my fingers
    • Out of town with the family. I should know how to unwind from all this load. I wanted to go somewhere else, really far from manila with my whole family. enjoy the whole ambiance and eat delicious delicacies. And my target place, CEBU... I've heard that CEBU is really a beautiful place. :3

    • Bond with my friends. There is already scheduled outing for that, somewhere in pansol, laguna, and i am really looking forward that my dearest parents will allow me to go. it is an overnight swimming sponsored by my two dearest friends, except our transpo (and its not bad). *crossing my fingers again 

    • Ready myself for the next school year (advance reading). I learned so many lessons this sem and i should use it as a good preparation for next sem. I should have advance reading with my programming subjects, and all! hehehe...I hope my mood won't block me for this plan. :P
    So many plans to accomplish, so many plans to deal with. I am looking forward of a colorful and meaningful 2 months of vacation. :P