Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No entries

I'll be out in posting for a week or two....
I am not in the mood to tell stories and write poems.
I will do that after I surpass this test...

I will finish also my next entry, entitled "The Cookie"

out for now.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Turning into a Lady

18 years of existence today, to be exact and still counting for more to come. January 2, 2011,finally strikes and that means I am now in the legal age. Every girl is waiting for their 18th birthday. All parents are preparing big celebration just to give their daughters dream, a debut. And today is my i excited like the others?

With the Big Celebration, I am proudly to say that I decided not to have one. I am not that into parties so I appreciate more of having simple celebrations with karaoke together with my family, relatives and friends. It is the way I want my birthday to be. No more to ask.

I will be having the celebration on January 8 so I could celebrate together with my mom. Well, it is very efficient, in effort and work..:D

If I would have a chance to wish for a gift I want....

I listed my wishlist that I should at least have before the whole January ends. From material to emotional wishes that I could think of.

I guess this is all I wanted to have...

  1. Laptop screen protector, keyboard protector, fan, and skin.. (I guess I could provide it for myself)
  2. Spongebob black T-shirt
  3. Bob Ong book, the latest (I forgot the title)
  4. mitch albom, have a little faith (which i have now, but it is not mine)
  5. Album of Linkin' Park, A thousand sun
  6. A music box...the one with the key not with batteries.
  7. A spongebob piggy bank
  8. a volleyball ball
  9. see Kean Cipriano of Callalily LIVE together with my Best friend dinky
  10. To visit again the national museum
  11. Watch a good movie with my girlfriends.
  12. To celebrate my birthday on jan 8 fun and memorable
  13. To be with my whole family
  14. to see all my dearest friends.
  15. To be successful in the defense in theodbs/sad
  16. to have a good health
  17. to start my no rice diet successfully (OMG! for a year)
  18. lastly...
                to answer all the this question in mind and to feel be loved.. :D

maybe that's it. 18 wishes for my 18th year..
I would really need 6 genies granting me 3 wishes each. 

I hope to have a happy month for my birthday....

you are the best gift that I would ever want to have for my birthday...

Thank you Lord for keeping me safe for the past 18 years...and still keeping me safe each day

Thank you to my family, my ever supported and loving family

Thanks to my dearest friends who are always there...

Thanks to my best friend Dinky and it's her birthday tomorrow...I LOVE YOU FRIEND!

Thanks to Nath, I used to run in to him when i have problems...

Thanks to Berna, my sweetest ever TART!...

Thanks to YOU ALL! 


Saturday, January 1, 2011

I envy the Wind

You feel the wind as it strongly blew,
But why couldn't you feel my love for you?
You feel the wind as it passed by,
But why couldn't you see me and say 'hi?'

You believe that the wind do exist in you,
But why couldn't you feel my presence too?
You couldn't see the wind, but you still care,
You see me but you just ignored, not fair.

And the wind could ever hug you,
and why I couldn't do the same too?
You heard her whisper when she's about to come,
and you never mind when I call your once.

I envy the wind for she could be with you always.
I envy the wind for she could watch you all day.
I envy the wind because you see her importance.
I envy her because I wanted to do all she could.

I wanted you to feel my love
I wanted you to feel my presence.
I wanted you to listen as I call your name.
I wanted to hug you all night and day.

And I envy the wind because she never feel pain.
She could stand strong even if it rains.
How I wish I could be like her, 
So in just one blow you could feel me.

Welcome 2011

Minutes from now, the whole world will welcome the up coming year for all. the 2011.
Everyone is having fun with all those banging fire crackers and beautiful fireworks, endless parties and the sounds of the speakers. Every kids blow all their horns just to make noise and make this whole celebration alive. Tradition is tradition; it is so hard to change. Many has their own belief to put away bad lucks from them, and to invite all the good lucks.

I am kharly and this is my new year entry.

December 31, 11:49pm (to be exact).

I guess there is no home who celebrate their new year just staring blankly in the space. Everyone is awake and awaits for the 12:00 to strike. The whole place is being populated with the noise of the firecrackers and fireworks. The whole sky is being dominated by the colorful fireworks. Kids and oldies are having fun together with their family.

The whole family is preparing for the media noche. My sister still cooking in the kitchen, my father is cooking a "suman", a rice cake-like covered by the banana leaf. My youngest brother is playing backyard monster, and my other brother, I don;t know where they are.

My dog, akira, is hiding under my bed since all this noise terrified her.

Angelo is in a deed sleep now. Haha. he missed all this happenings.

and 12:00 strikes....

i greet the whole family and give them a great big hug!
I texted my friends to send my greetings....

I call L but L just hanged up the phone. T.T fine... everyone..


a greeting with a hotdog in my mouth and red wine to drink!

Thank you for  being the part of my 2010. Thank you for everything.
Thank you from the saddest and the best memories...