Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I want to be the tress
that could shade you when it's too sunny,
that could cover you when it's too rainy.
Trees that are so green, and hug you by the wind.

I want to be the flowers.
I'll smile to you every morning.
I'll bloom each day to see your pretty face.
I am the sweetest present you would ever get.

I want to be the birds outside your window.
Chirping, singing, to ease your sorrow.
I'll sway, I'll dance just to make you laugh,
I'll do everything for you not to frown.

I want to be the fish in the aquarium,
and witness your everyday momentum.
I'll watch you sleep every night,
though you can't hug me so tight.

I want to be you dog,
your one and only bestfriend.
I'll be so loyal and obedient.
I would be your forever soldier.

If I would die one day
and could have another chance to be with you,
I would be everything I want,
even though I may not be the same man.

And the best thing that I would ever be,
is to be the sun, follows you all the way,
I would brighten up all day,
just never lose hope when it rains.

And if I am in heaven with the angels,
no chance to be like someone else,
I want to be beside God
and tell Him how great you are!

What could it be?

Every single thing is different
No assurance of what would be the end.
And we never ever intended,
the confusions in ours that heart lent.

Words seems to be real
but I couldn't do something to reveal.
Reveal what I really feel
because it is so hard;  no choice but to conceal.

Our talks, our hugs, our moments,
those that we shared together.
So beautiful, my day got better,
But fate is playful, we couldn't be forever.

And so confusion gone deeper,
But when I am with you problems never stay longer
your smiles, your laughs, and all!
What is confusion, if my heart tells, "I love you so..."

but I never stop though it might be a lie
for my heart to you is already tied.
You said, "Act like a soldier"
I did, I fight for this love but not to surrender.

It is so hard to predict
the situation like this.
Should I accept this and be contented?
This love for you is complicated

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Happened?

"Tik! Tok! Tik! Tok!,"
sounds like the beat of the clock
beating so loud,
and makes my heart pound

It is 3:00 in the morning,
I wonder what's this feeling,
So heavy, so hard to move,
Seems that my body is tied with rope

And so the moon turns to red
and the place become so gloomy.
It is very creepy, I am afraid
and someone is coming this late

"Bee! Booh! Baahh!!!"
he used to make that noise
"Booh! Baahh! EEEKK!!"
I am shaking, I am freaking!

A big scary  man, he's coming
and my heart nervously pounding.
I wanted to take away my eyes off him
But I could't, I am to terrified by him.

He's hands are big,with a knife on his left
He's head is bleeding,
An ax stocked on his temple

An I screamed so loud,
but I couldn't make a sound
And my tears started to fall
I cried for help but no one hears me at all

He's now in front of me,
His face is very scary.
His eyes are red, teeth are black.
Please! Can anyone take me back?

I see my body bleeding,
His knife is on my chest.
He's killing me! Is it my end?
I don't wanna die yet

I cried a river not because of hurt
I cried because I fear of death.
His demonic laugh continues
I feel helpless, Am I in hell?

"Tik! Tok! Tik! Tok!,"
I wake up in the beat of the clock
My heart is pounding so fast,
I am sweating so hard...
"What happened last night?"