Monday, September 27, 2010

After 3 months...

After 3 months away from pen and paper,

and 3 months away from wild imagination

I am now ready to write again new posts...

I am ready to draft new articles and poems.


After my last entry, "The last poems,"

I had freed my mind from all depression no more chaos.

And at those moments that I wasn't writing,

Many things i experienced,so inspiring.

I know now how to cry and value things

however small it is or big.

I know now how to see and read people

without them telling their names.


Though I stopped once, I never stopped learning

Though I throwed my imagination, I never forget thinking.

I might forget things I newly learned,

but never to my old habit and passion - writing!

Pepole won't like my post, or will

They are not considered as someone to fear

Though they judge me bad or good,

They read my stroies but never the whole.

So never stopped just to have change.

Try to innovate and make some difference

Life goes on and you must grow,

You must learn from the past you tried to throw