Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 21 2009: the Fast food crew story...

December 21, 2009

we had a get together of my high school friends to day in my classmate's house near Laro high School.
We really missed each other, and of course the high school life together. After the house party, we went to Sm Fairview but in lesser count of company. Some left before the sun kissed the horizon and the moon shines in the dark sky.

Anyway, we went there just for fun. we played, we tripped then we went in Robinson, just across away. We went there to eat. i suggested mc donalds for i guess it was the only fast food that had less number of people. When I was on the counter, I ordered the food of my four friends. As I faced the crew, I felt the feeling of ruedness and "maldita" in me.
I played a freaking trip on her...that called the attention of the manager, (here is scenario the)

Crew: Good evening Ma'am, welcome to Mc Donalds!

Kharly: Uhmmm....4 order of Burger McDo...

Crew: with fries and drinks n po b ma'am? (she but in)

Kharly: Of course, with fries and drinks....then, burger mcdo, solo, plus 3 order of sudae, chocolate...(she hurriedly get my order..then punched those...)
Kharly: miss, excuse me..meron pa...
Crew: ano p po ma'am?
Kharly: (ante and mhai was beside me in this scenario) miss isa pang order ng burger mcdo then pa upsize into float and ung drinks then p large ng fries...

(all in all, i got 4 burger mcdo with fries and drinks, 3 sundaes, another burger mcdo solo and another burger mcdo with large fries and drink upgraded in float)

she punched the order without repeating it.

Crew: Ma'am, 298 pesos po.

Kharly:(i handed all the oney i have)
Crew: Ma'am, 298 lng po...
Kharly: Huh?
Mhai: nge? bakit?
Kharly: paki recap nga ung order ko...
Crew: 4 burgers, upsize fries and upgraded drink, and 1 solo burger...
Mhai: Wlang sundae....
Kharly: you forgot about my 3 sundaes...
Crew: ok po ma'am...337 po lhat(pero 373 tlga)
Kharly: 337..? or 373?
Crew: ai sorry ma'am, mali lng po ng tingin...(this time, umalis na cna mhai)
Crew: here's your order ma'am...thank you for giving me 400...(she handed me the change and the receipt)
Kharly:(lookin on the receipt..)(mhai and ante came) Miss...let me clear my order...
I ordered 5 burger mcdo...blah blah blah...
Crew: ma'am..makikta nmn po s receipt ung order...
Kharly: I know...at kulang yung order ko(I computed all my order mentlly)
mhai and ante: wala ung order mong burger...
Crew: hindi ma'am, four lng po ang sinabi nio...
Kharly: nope..i said five...i sum it up to you...i said four first then I added up one..to make it 5..
Crew: hindi ma'am...four lng po ung sinabi nio...(the manager noticed is having a problem)
Kharly: (i took a deep breathe, i smiled while raising my eyebrow)whatever...kulang ng isang burger meal..
Crew: cge po ma'am...dadagdagan ko n lng po..penge n lng po ng 60.
Kharly: (i called mhai, and she handed me 100)
Crew: ito po change nila...
Kharly:(as i looked on the 20Php bill, i saw a big vandal written "PATRICK" so i asked her again) Miss..tinatanggap b ito?
Crew: (she looked at the money on the clean side that she didn't notcie the vandal. she stared on it, lookking for any signs of fake...)ma'am totoo po ito..(she gave me back the money)
Kharly: no...hindi ko kukunin yan...(i gave the money back, facing the vandal to her..)
Crew: sandali lng po ma'am ah..tanung ko lng po...(she went to the manager..and confirmed hindi yun pwde..so she changed the bill into coins)

(i noticed that while she was serving my order, she was nervous and terrifiesd...i just watched her with an insulting smile)

Kharly: miss, san jan ung regular?
Crew: Ay! sorry ma'am...
(ante and mhai watched her..then fetched up the two trays of order)
Crew: ma'am wait lng po ung sundae ah..
Kharly: oh sure..take your time...
Crew: more catsup for fries ma'am...
Kharly: yeah thanks...

I left the cashier and shared my ruedness to my friends...OMG...i really laugh so hard..so do they..it was really funny...

I know it's bad..but...I guess her stupidity make it worse!:))

enough of that..I've been a bad girl this year..santa won't forgive me...:D

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas crisis

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

“If you want to feel rich, just count all of the things you have that money can't buy.”
(Quotation from Facebook Application, Quotes of Life)

The quote was saying something to me, and the literal meaning was really fitted for the incoming holiday, the Christmas. I found that quote when I was lurking on one of the Facebook applications. I could relate on the literal meaning for I didn’t have enough money to buy gift for my family, friends and closest friends. As much as I wanted to be liked Santa Claus to them, I couldn’t because of the financial problem. From the quote’s literal meaning, memories and my goodness to them could be counted as my gift for them for I didn’t have money to buy; that I would count their good deeds and love to me so I could feel rich in return.
Saying the truth, for the families of persons that belong in the middle class of the society wouldn’t be able to have a great Christmas if they wouldn’t spend lots of money, that they wouldn’t feel the satisfaction of gift-giving in Christmas if they failed to give all their friends and relatives a gift or gifts. Meaning, Christmas now wouldn’t be that fun and memorable if you would not burn thousand of money you had, spending it all just for this one big day. That was how we celebrated every single holiday we had in the calendar, not just in Christmas.
However, my journal this time was pointing about “How to have money or to save money to prepare for the Christmas?” The money would not all be granted to my friends, but also to myself. I had lots of stuffs listed, arranged from the most wanted up to the not so needed, that I was planning to buy. At least half on the list were bought. I am a compulsive buyer, I buy the things that catch my attention, but that was the time that I had enough money to support my compulsiveness. But, it was different from where I am now. I wasn’t saying that I was poor this time, but, I could feel that the money I got would not fit my wants and need, and that was my burden, on how to make it fit for the gift-buying expense. As much as I wanted to have a part-time job or much better if I worked over the net, just doing some research or so, but I couldn’t because my studies would be at risk if that happened. Besides, I am still in minor age, there would no work would accept me. The only thing I knew was to wait for my Christmas allowance from my parents, and some red cards from my Ninong and Ninang or any other relatives. They were my only source this time, and of course, my daily allowance.
I knew that I wasn’t oblige to give gifts to others for I still don’t have a good job to earn my own money, however, gift was somehow a symbolism of thanking and appreciating your loved ones that was being shown just once in a year. As much as I wanted to consider my kindness and love to them as my gift, I couldn’t help myself to feel ashamed.
I had 17 more days to save and to know how to earn more money. This year, I became more money-conscious, that I asked myself if I was also a victim of lacking in budget or was it really the goods and items increased its prices.
I hope that before the Christmas, it will rain money so that I could have enough to give them gifts they wanted, and for one day I would be their Santa.
                                It’s the thought that counts…” (Still quotation of poor ones…)

Why not Giving him one?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

“Isn’t it that giving a second chance is as hard as forgiving someone? Or as hard as trusting a stranger? Or forgetting all the pain you have? But somehow, giving someone a second chance making them realizes mistakes, pushing them to change.”
5th day of December, first Saturday, we had a Career Factor in school. This was our second meeting, meaning it was my second chance to be trained as a facilitator of different High School students, and to show what I got, though I was new in the team. At this point, I had to be very keen and to act as if I was really the facilitator, well-trained, and had much experience. This day was very tiring, yet enjoying and educational. All of us were on the go, enjoying the whole day. At the end of the program, we won! Though not the first place, we were still the 2nd placer. We felt the joy of victory! Fate gave me a second chance to facilitate again, that was for me to bring the group to the top.
As we arrived home, I checked for any e-mails and of course, I logged in to YM. I had this friend of mine, a very, very close guy friend. We had a small chat, updating one another about college. As the small chat turned into long talk, the conversation got deeper. To sum up the whole thing (Sorry, this is too confidential. Stating some or the whole conversation won’t be shared), the he was asking for a second chance. In the middle of the conversation, I heard again those promises, reasons and explanations, excuses, realizations, compliments, apology, that showed sincerity, and such that I was afraid to believe and trust with.
I asked myself:
                ”How am I suppose to give him a second chance?”
                “How am I able to trust his words” and followed by this statement, “I learned my lessons! This is stupidity if I give one…”
It was really the most stupid thing to do, letting others to have another chance, yet still doing the same. In contrary, it wasn’t giving a chance that was hard, it was trusting. Learning from the past brought damage into your ‘trust crystal’ that made you feel doubt on the person committed mistake on you; that you were afraid that he might do the same.

On the other hand, people changed and continue to chance. Though they gave pain your heart before, as the time passed by, they realized their mistakes they would ask for your forgiveness, begging for another chance for them to show their sincerity. I knew they also feel what you got, they thought about that matter before, but asking for those were the best thing to do for guilty would leave their conscience.
Honestly, I really did not know if I would give a second chance or not. I was still looking for a good basis or the what-he-got for him to be forgiven and deserving for it. The two sides of me were having an argument, one said I must give him a chance because everyone deserved to have; and the other was stating all the negative what-ifs it had. I was afraid to trust for I knew I would be open again in pain and my weaknesses would be shown, and then I would be hurt again in the end, though happiness dropped first. There was a great tendency of those things to be real, until such point that trusting would be voided.
I was thinking about the cycle of pain via giving a chance. I would give someone a second chance for me to see his sincerity of changing, yet I had a doubt to him that made me blind of his improvements, where his failure was the only thing I saw. In result, I would reject him, realizing that I gave a chance then he wasted it. Another I idea was, I gave my whole trust to him, hoping that in the second chance I granted him would change him in good, like what he promised but in the end, he didn’t improve and gave another agony to you. Then sorrow would continue and continue until at the time that I, myself would realize that the chances I gave were all wasted.  Which is which, both would yield in something bad.
“What was with that two-word that it made so hard to be granted to him? Or was it because I wasn’t holding on something, the assurance of his change? Or was it my emotion controlling my decision?”
As I woke up, Sunday, and until Monday, I was thinking of the same thing and came up with a decision, that giving him one. I knew if I gave him, the cycle of mistakes might not end, but as long as the fact of change is there, that I am learning in every hurt I got and in every lesson I encountered, I promise, I would be the one to stop the stupidity of chances.

                                “If God gave His men another chance, why not us giving them another chance…