Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Offer your hands to them - - Typhoon Ondoy Victims

SEPTEMBER 29, 2009

Good evening.
For 3 days straight, I've been watching latest news about victims of the typhoon. Even in the internet, I've seen lots of news and pictures. Such blogs and comments, and even videos of how poor the victims are.

Houses and different establishments are either eaten by the mud or destroyed by the flood. Children were crying over foods and shelter. Their parents, some were crying, for they lost their love ones, some were still hoping, and others, lost their hopes and didn't even know how to start life from a scratch.

My dad, is in his duty today. He's helping in packing of relief goods for the less fortunate. He called us just to say that he's fine. He told us that they were packing thousands of goods, and still those were not enough. They're still looking for donors. They were also the ones who would give those to the depressed places.

My family is very lucky for we are still safe and we still have house to live, food to eat, and clothes to wear. So, my mom and the rest of the members, decided to give a simple help for the ondoy victims. We decided to donate old clothes and old but usable books for the schools. We might not give food for them or medicine, we still want to help. I know people still need those.

Tomorrow, we will start the packing of our donations. I and my brother wanted to give those personally to the donation centers. For i want to involve my family in this opportunity to help.

I know lots of people here are very lucky for they are safe and healthy. That they still have their love ones and properties. If you are, why not sharing your blessing to them. Why not help them in the simplest thing you could ever give. Don't do it just for fame but do it wholeheartedly.


Monday, September 28, 2009

ISOLATION is never a crime

SEPTEMBER 18, 2009

I'm not in the mood,
I'm not with myself.
The burdens eat my soul,
the problems kill my existence.
So, I want to isolate myself for a moment
or until forever.

I just want to sit
in the corner of my cold dark room,
to think and think and clinch this painful truth.

I can't ease the pain anymore,
I can't stand on my own.
I can't fight for what I wanted,
'Coz my heart is vulnerable enough;
I surrender.
For I am weak enough;
I quit.

Though it's hard to say goodbye, I will.
Though its breaking me apart, I'll do.

And I'll be forever inside my room,
to think and think and clinch this painful truth.

I dreamed of my nightmare

SEPTEMBER 16, 2009

I dreamed of you last night, you were with me and holding me tight. We were happy and the scenery was so light. That time, I closed my eyes and wished that it wouldn't end.

I stared at you and you stared back with glazing eyes. You smiled sweetly that made my heart beat fast; that pursued me to kiss you and you did the same, then we laughed.

That moment seemed to be never ending That I felt like I were in the cloud, sitting. All the people around us were gone, and the whole place were all ours.

Then I asked you of how long will you be mine, you frowned; you looked at me with worried eyes. Those eyes that so lovely while ago; those eyes that never lie.

As I looked at your sad face, it answered me. So I hid my face by my palms, so you wouldn't see my tears. You tried to comfort me, but it did worst. I wasn't able to control it from flowing down to my face.

Suddenly, things changed. The blissful scenery turned to catastrophe; it was like hell that I never thought to live. You were not on my side anymore, you were holding me no more. Then I heard someone, whispered, "Goodbye. I love you," and it was you. I tried to find the you, but I failed.

"I'm leaving you. I won't be yours forever." Those words you said crushed my heart into pieces.
Those words torn me apart. This feeling I had drowned me in to sudden sadness and tears.

My dream turns to nightmare, my joy becomes grief.

As I woke up, I was very lost. Everything about us was lost. The only things left in mine were the feeling of love and hurt, and the taste of your lips; our sweet kiss-the kiss of my nightmare.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

just a simple reminder

Good day to all BLOGGER.

The journal - date - post is not really the same date that I experienced or actually write the blogs. I don't post everyday so used to write stuffs.

To avoid the confusion of the date, I'll just right the date-written of the post (the second date on the blog) in bold, italic, or in highlighted text.

Thank you for your understanding and regularly reading of my post (if there is).

I hope you like whatever I wrote in my site. I really work hard for this and my emotions and thoughts are all being written here...(soon.:D)

Thank you and Goodnight.