Monday, August 3, 2009

Friends - "They are outnumbered but only few remain"

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

(I wrote this blog for my dearest friend, Bernadette Relox.)

Friendship. This is where the social life of an individual starts. This brings color to one’s life; it beautifies one’s relationship to others. We all have friends to hold on and to laugh with. We have friends to share our thoughts and to complete our lives. Friends. The dearest persons on earth who touch your heart. They are the ones who are with you when you need someone to talk with. Friends, not only in bad times but also in good times of your life. Friends, who make you feel strong and over confident when you are together.  The ones who help you when you feel dumb in your homework and broken in love. These are the people you used to be with when you are in the mall, shopping, when you are in the bar, drinking, or even when you are online in facebook, chatting. Your friends are outnumbered, but only few really stay.

You can find your friends inside your house, inside your school, or even in your community. However, only your heart can really define who are real and who are not. Only your mind can judge what you think their true personality, their true attitude will be. Only your heart can greatly feel their care and love for you. Never your eyes, which only depend on the fa├žade it see. Never your ears, which only depend on the sweet words it hear. Never your hands, which only hold on others then eventually open to release them. Those are not your critique forever but your heart and mind. But tell me, you mostly use those three until the time you get hurt, aren't you?

In friendship, the main problem here is betrayal – Your friend/s or maybe YOU deceive you or your own friend for his/her or your own happiness. Everyone knows how painful to have a friend or friends who is or are dearest to you betray/s you not only once in a short period of time but many times for a long time. If you  are these guy or girl that I am describing about, I understand your grief, but if not, c’mon! No big deal at all.

You are so loyal and true to him or her. You really value your friendship and you give importance into it more than anything. You consider your friends as a big part of your life that actually completed you. You treat him/her like a brother or sister; you give more time to him or her than your boyfriend or girlfriend. You never refuse his or her calls whenever she or he needs you. You never fail to help him or her though he or she doesn’t ask you. You never give doubts in all unreasonable mistakes he or she did, or not even a single doubt whenever you know he or she tells a lie in front of your face, though that really hurt you. You never complain in all those things he/she did, for you know it’s for his or her own happiness. You still act strong in front of him or her even though your heart surrenders; it wanted to rest. You prioritize his/her needs than yours, you give all you can, do all the impossible things just for you to show the importance of your friend. But in the end, he or she betrays you.

I’m telling you, you never lack in all matters of friendship. You just give all, for you think he or she is the one you wanted to be with and share your life till you get old. For you think he or she in the only person that makes you happy and love, though he or she really doesn’t mean all his or her cares. For you don’t want to lose him or her so it is fine to give up all. You did your part. You are a very very good friend, but dear, he or she still deceives you. Do not blame yourself or anybody of what he or she did whatever the reason behind. Do not ask where you lack for you already give much. You did not do anything wrong except the fact that you let him or her fools you. The fact that he or she did not appreciate all you did, and the fact that he or she can’t do the same thing you did for him or her, are the facts that tell you that he or she doesn’t worth you as a friend; these are the facts that you should know and learn. STOP!

Do not be blinded of the false happiness he or she gave. Only time can really tell if he or she is true or not. Only the time can show you his or her true color. Do not give all you have, for you are only with him or her in the short period of time. Do not be deceived in the feeling of pleasure he or she gave or even to the words he or she said. If you don’t want your outnumbered friends deceive you, do not be deceived by the false happiness you immediately feel.

What to do in order for you to move on?

Honey if you are not that strong and you can’t fight for yourself, all you can do is cry. That’s the strongest and bravest thing you can do. But if you were tired of crying, next thing to do is for you to move on. Think positive. Put In your mind that what just happened to you is a great test and lesson of choosing your friends. Don’t prison yourself in the past; the time that you were together. Let your heart be freed from it. Let your mind be cleared and try to start again. Don’t have this self pity. It won’t help you; instead, use this mistake as an inspiration for you to be stronger and more independent. Don’t be bitter in things that make you reminded of him or her. Avoid those, but never feel vain. If you feel so hurt and jaded, don’t add hatred and anger, it will only lead you to vengeance. Always remember earth won’t stop turning just for you. Life goes on. Do not close your heart for those who wanted to be part of your life, but at that time, let your mind work over your heart to judge them. Or let your heart feels their true insides and judge.

Let go of that friend who betrays you. He or she is just a vexation to you. You can’t do anything to make him or her change. Though you still give a chance, it won’t heal the scars he or she made. It won’t change the truth that you once lose yourself because of him or her.

If you still want him or her to be part of you, then don’t let him or her touch your life greatly. Don’t be martyr and stupid. Learn from the lessons you gained from what he or she did. Allow him to be still part of your life, but never be the same again.

why? what? how? now, answer me

Monday, August 3, 2009

why me?
how about him?
how about her?
how about them?
how about the words?
why me?

what about me?
what about the times we shared?
Is it a big deal to be considered? or It is just a memory of you, me, and them to be kept?
what about the greetings and smiles we used to give with each other? It is a normal thing to do, right? so what about it?
what about me that made myself important?
what about me?

what about those words?
what about those words you said?
what about those words that shouldn't be delivered?
those words that you didn't say before.
those words that start rumors and affection.
those words that changed things. either good or bad.
those words that are questioned by them.
what about those words that made me think too much?
what about it that made me think of you?

how about the critics?
how about their infinite questions?
how am i answer those that won't make them conclude wrong?
how am i able to explain things right?
how are you going to explain your side?
how about their murmurs that made me shrink coz of worries?
how am i going to tell with the right choice of words for them not to misunderstood my side?
I hope they understand. I hope they are open-minded. I know they are. I trust them.
how about the critics?

how about me?
how am i able to believe you without any doubts?
how am i able to to response?
how am i able to accept the changes? I am afraid. I am.
how can i overcome the rumurs and issues?
how about my feelings?
how about the person i give importance that is truly affected?
how about me?

how about you?
The one that i am talking to
how do you feel?
what are you thinking right now?
explain to me whatever you feel.

*nothing in particular. just want to post. well, i know someone or somebody will relate himself or themselves of this. I know. There should be. haha*

"nothing will change. I promise."